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Boat and Small Craft Surveys

If you are planning to buy a boat, a prepurchase survey is recommended. After you look for boats, you personally check your best selection by visiting the boat. If you select to buy the boat, it is always a good idea to hire a surveyor before you make the payment.

The following are controlled during a survey

1. Hull
2. Engine, drive, propeller
3. Rudder assembly
4. Rig
5. Sails, ropes
6. Safety equipment
7. Anchors
8. Electricity circuit
9. Navigation equipment
10. Thruhulls, water and fuel tanks, hoses
11. Cabin, WC

A complete survey is only possible by controlling the boat on the hard and on the water. A control afloat cannot give details on the propeller, osmosis or similiar underwater parts. On the hard, it is not possible to check if there is water ingress, the performance of the engine.

Please contact me for sailing and motor yachts to be surveyed in Turkey and the Mediterranean area.

Ahmet Çelenoğlu

tel: +90 543 494 71 71